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19.12.2011 - v1.5

Oversættelse kommer snarest

After a long and intense development we've finally released CMSimple_XH 1.5, just in time as a Christmas present.

CMSimple_XH 1.5 is available as full version only, because configuration and language files as well as langconfig files have been greatly extended.

Thus there will be no upgrade package 1.4.x ⇒1.5.

For upgrading to CMSimple_XH 1.5 we advise you to instal the new version in a subfolder of your site and configure it to your liking. Integrate content files as well as plugins from your old installation.

When everything is working as it should, simply replace your old installation with the new one or redirect the domain to the new folder.

Main improvements:

  • New editor tinyMCE with selection between 3 toolbar layouts (minimal, medium and full), functioning with Internet Explorer 9
  • New file browser specially developed for CMSimple_XH (create and delete folders, upload and delete files, insert images and download links into your content)
  • New admin menu (placed at the upper margin of the screen, so that it won't disturb the view mode of the page)
  • New default language files (in English) that will automatically complement incomplete language files and from which CMSimple_XH will generate missing language files (in English), if the languages/ folders are writable.
  • New page management (plugin "Pagemanager") – simple creation, renaming, deletion and moving of pages.
  • Additional languages can have their own template and password now – this can be set in the back-end under "Settings" ⇒ "Website".
  • Mailform with or without Captcha, selectable in "Settings"
  • Server backups of content.htm and pagedata.php for additional languages
  • Improved search function – output of plugins in the content will be searched too
  • Improved link checker
  • and many more small improvements  …